Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Welcome to Walking with Jesus in Acts and Romans

Launching January 2, 2017:

We're going to be reading 5 days a week, working our way slowly through Acts and Romans, with accompanying readings from the Proverbs each day. This blog will feature a devotional, written by Pastor Jason, to help explore and explain the passages from Acts and Romans and to help us pray through the passage from Proverbs.

Why these books?

Acts: The story of what Christ did through the early church, teaching us much about church life, evangelism, missions and more.

Romans: The most complete explanation of the Gospel and of Gospel-grounded theology in the Bible.

Proverbs: Wisdom for living, which will accmpany each daily reading in Acts & Romans and will be the basis for our prayer.

This devotional blog is a follow-up on last year's "Walking with Jesus in the Gospels and Psalms." Last year, we walked through the four Gospels and each day's gospel reading was accompanied by a prayer based on a Psalm. This year, we're going to pick up where we left off and walk through the books of Acts and Romans, accompanying each day's reading with a short reading and prayer from Proverbs.

Here's the beginning of the reading plan, so you can see what this will be like . . .

Walking with Jesus in Acts and Romans
Praying through Proverbs

1: Jan 2: Acts 1:1-5; Prov. 1:1-7
2: Jan 3: Acts 1:6-11; Prov. 1:8-19
3: Jan 4: Acts 1:12-26; Prov. 1:20-33
4: Jan 5: Acts 2:1-13: Prov. 2:1-15
5: Jan 6: Acts 2:14-41; Prov. 2:16-22

6: Jan 9: Acts 2:14-41; Prov. 3:1-12
7: Jan 10: Acts 2:42-47; Prov. 3:13-35
8: Jan 11: Acts 3:1-10; Prov. 4:1-9
9: Jan 12: Acts 3:11-26; Prov. 4:10-19
10: Jan 13: Acts 4:1-22; Prov. 4:20-27

11: Jan 16: Ac 4:23-31; Prv 5
12: Jan 17: Ac 4:32-37; Prv 6:1-5
13: Jan 18: Ac 5:1-11; Prv 6:6-11
14: Jan 19: Ac 5:12-16; Prv 6:12-19
15: Jan 20: Ac 5:17-42; Prv 6:20-35 

16: Jan 23: Acts 6:1-7; Prv 7
17: Jan 24: Acts 6:8-15; Prv 8:1-21
18: Jan 25: Acts 7:1-22; Prv 8:22-36
19: Jan 26: Acts 7:23-43; Prv 9:1-12
20: Jan 27: Acts 7:44-53; Prv 9:13-18

Ideally, you would read through the daily Bible reading 2-3 times and then read the devotional post that accompanies each day's reading. The goal is for depth of understanding and spiritual growth in the Lord, going deeper with each day's reading rather than trying to cover large chunks of Scripture at a surface level. Weekends can be used to catch up on any missed days during the week. 

If you sign up to receive the blog via e-mail, you'll get your daily devotional post in your inbox between 5 and 7 a.m., so you can read before you leave for work or school. May the Lord be pleased to use His word and this blog to strengthen our knowledge, faith and love of Him!